• Transportation is available for church events only, as approved by the pastor.

  • Passengers may not consume food or beverages, other than water, in the van.

  • All passengers, regardless of age, must remain buckled and in their seats at all times. (Children will be seated and properly restrained in appropriate child seats as required by law or by the driver.)

  • Passengers must be both prompt and flexible regarding pick-up times, as the church is often coordination multiple pick-ups. The van will not be able to wait, in most cases, if a passenger is not ready at their appointed pick-up location at their assigned time.

Transportation is provided on an "as available" basis. Generally, we only pickup within about 5-8 miles of the church. All decisions regarding transportation availability on a given day are at the determination of the pastor and transportation coordinator. Please note that for safety reasons, transportation could be cancelled due to weather or road conditions.

This list is not exhaustive, but rather it address the most likely or common questions and issues. Passengers should use good decorum at all times, and the driver is the primary authority when operating the vehicle.

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